i've such a curious sense of self and nonself

Melbourne, Australia
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"discovering" "new" bands, "god" in songs, &, 'i love you''i know', 'wearing' bare feet, abandoned buildings, accents, african music, ancient egyptian history, antique jewelry, aubrey beardsley, autumn, b-grade dance movies, baggy tight jeans, ballet, battling the clothes-line, beautifully quiet people, beauty, being, being a female gamer, blanche, boulevards, boys in cardigans, bucolic countryside, chubby hairy boys, cities after rain, cloud shadows, cloudless blue skies, clouds from above, collarbones, cooking veganly, copiously drinking gin, crepuscular rays, cycling, cycling in the rain, daisies, dancing badly, dandyism, dozing, early 20th century literature, eyeliner, feminism, fingerlength sweaters, fleeting acquaintances with capitalisation, foxes, french magazines, gale force winds, garden parties, gin, girls, girls kissing, gustav moreau, having-diamonds-on-the-soles-of-my-shoes, heroin chic, ironic chandelier earrings, jeans, keeping fit, lined stockings, linguistics, living in melbourne, losing weight, lotro, love, love letters, lower-case letters, madagascar (the island), mascara, max beckmann, miu miu sunglasses, morning sex, mountains, muscle memory, my darling violin, my tattoos, nice eyebrows, nothing much at all, okapi, old hollywood, over-the-top american accents, picking my nose, pink hair, pop science, project runway, pukekos, rain that hurts falling, reading, reading journals backwards, running at night, scandinavia, scarves, seeingthingsi'veneverseenbefore, sex, shaggy fringes, skirts with pockets, songs with harmonicas, songs with trumpets, sparkling mineral water, strong words, sun-dried sheets, sunday afternoon naps, sunny windy days, sunny winter days, swear-words in indie music, sweating profusely after exercise, sweden, swedish, swedish music, taking my socks off, talking to children, talking to strangers, tattoos, taxi shoes, the concept of "god", the french countryside, theendisextremelyfuckennigh, thisishowtowin, veganism, vegetarianism, vintage hair, violin hickies, watching after-school science programmes, watching horse racing, watermelon, worn-down church stairs

I like music.. but I guess so does everybody else.

also, this is unintentionally friends-only. it's ok, I'm pretty boring and I just use this for communities.